2014 Submissions

Rocket Ship Dance Song
A Violet Sunset Dance Song
Angelic Warrior Chipstep Song
Flying with Dragonss Dubstep Song
Across the Sands House Song
Children of Destiny (Original Chipstep Song
The Risen Dubstep Song
Bring Down The Roof (Remaster) Dance Song
Have No Fear Dubstep Song
The Ascended - Sakii Video Game Song
Valkyrie - Sakii Dance Song
Galactic Extraction - Sakii Dubstep Song
We All Pretend - Sakii Dance Song
Shatter VIP - Sakii Drum N Bass Song
Celestial Collision - Sakii Dance Song
Space Rupture (Feat. Sonic) Dance Song
Moon Blade - Sakii Trance Song
Sakii - Bring Down The Roof v2 House Song
Varaxiis - Sakii Dance Song
Nightmare - Sakii Dance Song
Virtual Warfare - Sakii Drum N Bass Song
No Other - Sakii Dance Song
Shatter - Sakii Drum N Bass Song
Change-Sakii House Song
Pixel Perfect - Sakii Chipstep Song
Shockwaves - Sakii Video Game Song
Echoes - Sakii Drum N Bass Song
Wicked Reality - Sakii House Song
What Our Eyes Don't See Dance Song
Go Insane - Sakii Dance Song
Her Dance Song
Cutlery Dance Song
Alone Dance Song
Unending - Sakii (Slicex) Trance Song
Flying? Trance Song
What Lies Beneath Trance Song
Sceptilian Trance Song
Epilipticz Trance Song
Endless Night Trance Song
Zer0 Faction Trance Song
Vicente Trance Song
Shadowz Trance Song
Rains Remorse Trance Song
Elliptical Gaze Trance Song
Darkness Take Me Trance Song
Bounce Trance Song
Bass Rokker Trance Song
Requiem Techno Song
Looking Through The Void Techno Song
Melody X Trance Song
Tearz In Her Eyes Techno Song
Intoxication Trance Song
Bass Fire Trance Song
Are You There Trance Song
Dj Slicex - Unleash Dance Song
Dj Slicex - Mindless Trance Song